PUT ME IN, COACH is a parent's guide that takes you through the whole recruiting process step-by-step. It includes true stories, coach comments, and useful templates. It is available in print or as an e-book.

THE RECRUITING COMPANION is an easy and quick-to-read companion book to Put Me In, Coach for athletes, parents, and coaches. It offers 115 quick tips on the most important recruiting topics. It is available only as an ebook.

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Put Me In, Coach will show you:

How to market your child so coaches take notice

How to get money from any school, even those that don’t give athletic scholarships

How to identify the colleges that are the right fit for your child

How to understand recruiting from the coaches’ point of view

How to make the right impression and get the most out of campus visits

The Recruiting Companion shares tips on topics such as:

The little white lies coaches tell recruits (and how to know what they really mean)

Top recruiting disasters and how to avoid them

What no one tells you about athletic scholarships

Some important questions you might not know to ask

How parents can help and hurt in the recruiting process